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Staff of Wheatland Animal Clinic

Animal Clinic StaffSuzanna Davidson, Veterinary Technician

Suzanna is a veterinary technician at Wheatland Animal Clinic who loves everything about her job. Always ready to assist our doctors , she worked as a veterinary technician at a shelter before joining our team in May 2013. Suzanne is attending Oklahoma State University.

Outside work, Suzanna spends her time running, boxing, weight training and studying. She has three Dachshunds named Shaggy Girl, Mayabell and Daisy, two cats named Shaggy Man and Vermy, and a guinea pig named Cas.

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Animal Clinic StaffJessica Hess, Surgery Technician

Jessica joined Wheatland Animal Clinic in March 2013, bringing her great attitude and constant willingness to help to our team. As our Surgery Technician, her responsibilities include setting up and prepping all of the surgery patients, monitoring the patients' vitals and giving pre-medications. Jessica has an Associate's Degree in Biology and recently completed her degree in veterinary technology. She was also recently named Enid's Best Veterinary Assistant for 2014.

Jessica has five dogs: Herbert Dale, a pug mix; Dean, a Chihuahua; Pringle, a Greyhound; Niklaus, a Pitbull; and Ubie, an Australian Terrier.

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Animal Clinic StaffAmanda Geminden, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Amanda Geminden has been a member of the team at Wheatland Animal Clinic since April of 2014, but she's been involved in animal-related positions for over nine years. Her responsibilities include helping doctors with the patients and clients, watching over hospitalized patients and taking care of them with the doctors. Amanda has an Associate's Degree in Equine Science, which transfers well for other animals that she handles day to day.

"I love the doctors here," Amanda says. "I trust my own animals to their care. This clinic is very family-oriented and takes care of each other."

At home, Amanda cares for a horse named Nikki, two cats named Sara and Stark, and two dogs named Kara and Loki. When she's not at our animal hospital, Amanda enjoys spending time with her dogs - especially taking them to the lake to swim and play - and horse, as well as painting and photography.

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Animal Clinic StaffKim Johnson, Veterinary Assistant

As our veterinary assistant, Kim's responsibilities include assisting the doctors during exams, helping to keep the clinic clean and organized and comforting our patients. She joined our team in January 2000. Aside from playing with the animals we see, Kim also loves the continuous opportunities to learn something new. "You never know what the day will bring," she says.

At home, Kim cares for four mixed breed dogs: Daisy, Squeak, Ziggy and Jazz, and three cats, Rufie, Boo and Sully. Now that she coaches Roller Derby, Kim spends her free time working on her house, with family and friends and camping.

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Animal Clinic StaffBrooklyn Rhodes, Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurse Brooklyn Rhodes joined our team at the beginning of 2015. Her responsibilities include assisting our doctors and helping keep a clean environment for patients of Wheatland Animal Clinic.

"I feel as though the staff build real and personal connections with the patients and clients," she says.

With her bright smile and "can-do attitude," Brooklyn gets along effortlessly with her coworkers. She most enjoys "seeing all the happy, furry animals." She is currently enrolled in college, majoring in Biological Sciences and hopes to earn a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Brooklyn enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and spending time with her family. She has two dogs, a Pomeranian-mix named Simba and a Chihuahua named Pedro. She also has as 12-year old, shorthaired calico cat named Callie.

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Cynthia, Receptionist

Cynthia has been an important part of the Wheatland Animal Clinic team since 1993. As our receptionist, she is responsible for scheduling appointments, answering the phone and greeting the clients and pets that walk through our door.

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Animal Clinic StaffAmanda Brown, Receptionist

Receptionist Amanda Brown joined the Wheatland Animal Clinic team in August 2014.

Amanda brings nearly a decade of experience in an animal-related field with her. She has worked as a handler with a local animal welfare society and in various positions at clinics specializing in homeopathy, Chinese herbs, and emergency veterinary care. For several years, she bred UKC Pit Bulls, has been a part of many animal rescue groups, and serves as a temporary foster pet-parent to those in need of forever homes.

“I love what the clinic does for the community," she says of Wheatland. “It's never about the personal gain - the doctors and staff simply want to help families with their pets that we all love very dearly."

Although not part of her “receptionist duties," Amanda most enjoys assisting with canine caesarian sections.

“I love puppy rubbing!" she says.

At home, Amanda has three Pit Bulls (Dugar, Selah and Bonney), two cats (Stilley and Tom Cat), and two ferrets (Zeke and Lola). She enjoys hiking, taking her “fur children to the beach or river for a romp," baking, and spending time with her pets, friends, and family.

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Animal Clinic StaffRhiannon Gomoll, Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Rhiannon Gomoll joined the Wheatland Animal Clinic team in February 2015 as a receptionist and veterinary assistant, bringing two years of prior experience in the same position at another hospital. She holds a certificate in Veterinary Assisting.

With enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn new things, Rhiannon most enjoys seeing hospitalized pets make speedy recoveries and return home. "Wheatland Animal Clinic is a very relaxing clinic," she says. "I feel they are more about the care for the animal than anything else."

At home, Rhiannon has two dogs, an Australian Shepherd mix named Reese and a Beagle mix named Molly. She also has two cats, Trigger Mike and Sergeant Peanut Butter Snuggles. She enjoys going to the gym, weightlifting, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities.

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Animal Clinic StaffRanda Danks, Kennel Technician

Randa brings her strong work ethic and team play approach to her role as a kennel technician. Her responsibilities include caring for all our boarded guests and patients and assisting our doctors when needed.

"I like working here," she says. "Everyone gets along and respects each other."

Outside work, Randa enjoys drawing, reading, movies, video games and cooking. She has three domestic short hair cats.

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Shyanne Howard, Kennel Technician

Kennel Technician Shyanne Howard is currently enrolled in a pre-veterinary technician program at Northern Oklahoma College. She joined our team in May 2013. Her responsibilities include feeding, exercising, grooming, medicating, and cleaning up after our patients and boarders.

"The patients keep me on my toes," she says. "It's never a boring day."

Shyanne most enjoys "giving the animals medicine to get better." She brings her positive attitude and energy to the workplace.

At home, Shyanne has a 10-year-old Maltese named Roxy. She enjoys game hunting, taking Roxy on walks, playing softball, and spending time with her friends.

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